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What Is SEO?

SEO is the difference between a website that performs, and one that gets lost in a sea of competitors.

Unlike other forms of digital marketing, SEO focuses on the user, and as a result, search engines. Although SEO stands for ‘search engine opimisation’, it’s evolved to something more than just building a website around what Google wants.

With the latest algorithm updates, SEO is all about creating content and optimising a site for the user first. It’s about writing helpful, useful content and optimising navigation and site speed for the ultimate user experience. When combined with age old techniques such as keyword research and backlink generation, you can craft an online experience that results in high ranking searches results, large amounts of organic traffic and ultimately – quality leads. 

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// What's On Offer

Tailored Services

On-Page SEO

On-page optimisation consists of keyword ratios, meta data, content silos, internal linking and much more to tick every SEO box.

Competitor Analysis

A large part of what I do is finding out what your competitors are achieving, and how I can do it better. I’ll do SWOT analysis, comparisons and audits to ensure you surpass the competition.


As a significant ranking factor and authority signal, I know how important backlinks are. That’s why my premium packages get exclusive outreach and profile audits.

Technical Audit

I won’t bore you with the 404 details and schema markup talk. I apply a range of technical skills I’ve acquired over the years to your site to ensure smooth, consistent performance.

Data & Analytics

I’ll leverage data and analytics to provide you with reports and track performance throughout your SEO campaign to gain insight and provide proof of success

Content Creation

I create unique, relevant and human written content to all my customers which engages with users and search intent, driving traffic to your site and improving rankings.

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// What To Expect

Technical SEO Expertise

My services extend beyond basic SEO optimisation. I employ techniques established over years of experience to target the right areas at the right time. My finger is always on the pulse of algorithm updates and I’ve developed a few secret weapons over the years that has lead to continued success for my clients. Feel free to browse my various tiered packages, or get in touch to book a consultation.